Basanta Lyrics & Chords by Jptrockerz Band

Basanta Lyrics 

Timro ooth lai chuyera niskida
harek jhuto rangeen sacho bho
timilai angaale yesto lagyo ki
mero sansar timi ho…

yedi arko janma huncha Bhane
dohorayera feri timi sangai bitos
muskaan le sajaula timlai
pirati bhaaka gungunaudai

banda aakha kaa
sapani paniii..
timrai aakriti kori, dincha
badli rahane yo, mausam pani
timi chhau saath ta
Basanta Fulchha

Basanta Chords
Tuning: Standard

Csus       Cadd9
Timro ooth lai choyera niskiida
Csus       Cadd9              Em7     Csus Em7
harek ah jhuto rangeen sachoo hoo
Csus      Cadd9
timilai angale yesto lagyo ki
Csus     Cadd9   Em7 Csus Em7
mero sansaar timiiii hoooo

        Csus          Cadd9
yedi arko janma huncha vane
Csus      Cadd9          Em7 Csus Em7
dohorayera feri timi sangai bitos
Csus      Cadd9
muskaan le sajaula timlai
Csus Cadd9 Em7 Csus Em7
pirati vaka gungunaudai

Basanta Chords:Main Verse

C                          D
Bandh Aankhaaa kaa
  G            G
Sapani Paniii
C                      D
Timrai Aakriti Kori
G            G
C                     D
Badli Rahane Yoo
G                    G
Mausam Paniiiiiiiii
C                        D
timi chau saath taw
Basanta Fulcha

About Basanta Lyrics

Basanta Lyrics is written and composed by JPTROCKERZ Band.
So here we present you Basanta Lyrics.
Lyrics and chords of Basanta is available at lyricalhub.
Basanta was released on 19 sep,2010 since then it has more than 6.6 million views on youtube as of now.
JPT Rockerz is one band in the UK who’s won over the hearts of many since their formation nine years ago.
The five talent came together to form the current line-up after sharing their mutual concept which was to simply make good music and entertain the people.
Their fame is increasing globally as seen from their successful Israel tour in 2010 and recognition from newspapers in Nepal and the UK.
With more than 3000 supporters on their Facebook page, JPT Rockerz have plans to record their first ever single followed by a full album.
They cite music as something which never gets old and justifies the name JPT Rockerz as being a form of expression which these rock stars share.

basanta lyrics

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